When an angel is cast down from Heaven without warning, he befriends the beings of purgatory to return to heaven, only to find out there is more to the world than he thought and he’s forced to confront the archangels with new knowledge of how their beliefs are misguided.This story takes place 800 years after the end of the world, and follows Endymion, a fallen angel with with no idea why he's ended up in purgatory, as he tries to find his way back home. A weird adventure packed with wacky characters and creatures far beyond anything of heaven and earth. well. of earth at least. Can he find his way in a world thats not of his own faith when both heaven and hell are right on his tail?

Rated at 13+ and disgression is advised. May contain nuts.

This comic contains sexual references, swearing, and mild fantasy violence, but nothing terribly explicit.


Its been 800 years since The End

Before the end of all things, there existed the world of the living and the world of the dead. The living world did not exclusively consist of earth and its inhabitants, nor did it consist of simply the reality we know. There are countless worlds in the realm of the living, while the realm of the dead is the only one of its kind. This Afterlife then has to accommodate for not only all of time, but all the previously existing worlds you can possibly imagine. The one thing all life has in common is death, this all life becomes part of something called The Soul Cycle.

Now there is no land of the living at all. All things have ceased. The Soul Cycle has been disrupted, but the afterlife goes on. All life now waits patiently for whatever the powers that be decide comes next. This is the world; Beyond the End.

Meet The Author!

drawing of the artist's fursona

Hi, I'm Dusk Pendragon (call me Dusky) and I'm the author/illustrator of this story. It's been a huge part of my life for the past several years and has got me through some really tough times. For all it isn't my first comic project, Beyond the End is the story in my head that ive become the most invested in and is certainly my longest running yet. Of course I haven't done it all alone. My team now is different from the team when we first started this journey and without them this story wouldn't have come to anything at all. I owe it all to my friends for supporting me through it all. Graham and Hav have been my steadfast companions in spite of it all. Thank you everyone.

The quality of this comic takes several dips and dives as it's been going steadily along with my life and includes some parts which have been redone. I hope that in spite of its low points you will enjoy following Endymion on his journey of self discovery, and that maybe- just maybe- it can help you smile just a little.